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Emerging Leaders Institute


The purpose of the Emerging Leaders Institute is to identify, train and mentor SWASAP members to participate in the leadership and responsibility roles of the Association.  The roles include committee service as members and/or committee chairs as well as preparation to hold office at the state, regional and national levels.


 1. Participants who successfully complete the program will possess a greater understanding of SWASAP and its objectives, organization, and procedures.

2. Participants will actively hold committee chairs positions and offices vital to the success of the state and regional associations.

3. Participants will become more motivated and committed to their profession, the Association, and the clientele who benefit from the Association.

4. Participants will provide innovative ideas and objectives for the Association and serve as mentors for new members within the Association.

5. Each year 90% of the Emerging Leaders Institute participants who attend all training sessions will graduate from the ELI training.


In order to graduate from the Emerging Leaders Institute, each participant must satisfy the following requirements: 

1. Attend all required ELI trainings and activities unless an emergency (i.e., illness, weather, funeral, etc) prevents attendance.

2. Actively hold a position within the state or regional associations (i.e., committee chairperson, committee member, board member, etc).

3. Complete an approved ELI project to SWASAP Board at the completion of the training program.

4. Additional requirements may be determined and implemented by an ELI trainer.


Each SWASAP state association may nominate no more than two individuals for consideration as ELI participants.  However, individuals of a state association may apply independently of the association’s leadership, but they must make arrangements with the state association for travel expenses in the event he/she is selected.  If necessary, the state president may appoint a replacement for one or both of the selected trainees before the class begins. Any substitutions after the deadline will be at the discretion of the ELI trainer.  A total of ten Emerging Leaders will be selected and trained through the Institute during 2018. 

Provisions must be made by each state association to permit Association members to place their names for consideration through the state association’s nomination and selection process.  However, each state association may utilize whatever equitable methods it chooses to identify the most appropriate candidates, and assure that each candidate meets the minimum selection criteria noted above and can make the necessary commitment to take part in the entire ELI training sequence.

Once the state association’s internal candidates have been selected, applicants must complete the ELI Application and Endorsement form below.  This form must be forwarded to the state association’s president for signature and submission.  ONLY COMPLETED AND SIGNED APPLICATIONS SUBMITTED, EITHER ELECTRONICALLY OR VIA HARD COPY, BY THE STATE ASSOCIATION’S PRESIDENT WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR ENROLLMENT IN THE 2018 ELI INSTITUTE.


 SWASAP will cover the room cost and tax for the ELI participant’s lodging expenses based on double occupancy rates, whenever appropriate, during the training period only.  SWASAP cannot be responsible for participants’ travel costs, meals, or other incidental expenses.  To help support their ELI participants, state associations or host programs have committed different levels of resources. Be sure to check with your state president and/or institution about the level of fiscal and other support that you can expect to offset expenses.  Whenever the opportunity presents itself and with the approval of the SWASAP Board, participants may implement a fundraiser as a project to secure funds.


 ·         SWASAP ELI Training, February 2018, Dallas, TX

·         SWASAP ELI Training, May 2018, Dallas, TX

·         SWASAP ELI Training, August 2018, Little Rock, AR

·         SWASAP Fall Conference, November 2018, Little Rock, AR

Click here to download the Application

Download the  ELI Policy and Procedures Manual

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